Once upon a time, in a secret corner of the sky, a powerful shining star gave light to the universe. The Star, with its endless wisdom and might, shone so bright that its light could travel to distant and mysterious lands. The Star brought peace and harmony wherever it shone, but its light was constantly threatened by the dark magic of Mentinos, the evil sorcerer.

To fight this dark magic, Shining Star chose two very special kids from four different lands; Bella and Coby of Edenzland, Maria and Samy of Talezland, Puncho and Serena of Oddzland and, finally, Normz and Cherie of Nolandz.

Together, these eight brave kids’ mission is to prevent earth from being destroyed. They are fighting evil everywhere to restore peace and harmony where Mentinos has planted chaos and despair. Together, they are the Kidzamos!




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Headstrong offre à ses clients des casques personnalisés afin d’accroître leur visibilité, leur identité et leur sécurité. Headstrong est une marque de commerce appartenant à la compagnie Serico Inc. qui se démarque par la conception et la production en série de produits innovateurs et à haute teneur graphique.