The Serico network first took root in 1967 in Canada, as a small decal printing shop. The company was known for providing excellent graphic design to the cycling industry. As years went by, Serico developed and perfected various plastic printing techniques and it continued to enhance its graphic design service, acquiring worldwide renown for certain types of products and markets. Being exposed to the manufacturing process of each project triggered in the design team a pronounced interest for industrial design.

After many years spent manufacturing and designing products for the cycling industry, Serico forged a new partnership which gave birth to a brand new vision. More than a partnership, a friendship was created between a Canadian designer and a Chinese manufacturer. Their objective: to offer a service that combines design and manufacturing in a vertically integrated network, with a dynamic presence on all continents.

Our mission is therefore to provide products of innovative design, with an emphasis on graphics, and to manufacture them in a way that will benefit our clients and our shareholders.