Thermoforming is a process that can mold a plastic sheet, giving it a permanent 3-D shape. The sheet is simply heated, softened and molded before cooling down to obtain the desired shape. Our specialty: high-precision thermoforming.

By stretching the plastic, thermoforming also distorts any image that was printed on it. Our expertise, paired with a technology we developed, allows us to calculate and control that distortion. The result: pre-distorted graphics that regain their normal appearance after being thermoformed.

Working with various types of plastic films allows us to reach much higher levels of precision and stability. This technology is ideal for any project that requires a high level of precision (motorized vehicles dials, for example).

Our wide variety of thermoforming-friendly inks offer you a boundless world of colors and finishes. Metallic, pearlescent or translucid colors; mat or gloss finish… the choice is yours to make. And to top it off, we can now develop and create any mold you may need for your project, thanks to our industrial design team. Visit our ”services” section for more information.

Material: PETG, PVC, PCB plastic films.
Thickness: 0,020″ to 0,060″.
Printing: top and/or bottom surface.