For decades we have been perfecting the way we manufacture membrane switches. The skills we have amassed thus far allow us to offer overlays of exceptional quality to high-profile clients, many of which have already consulted our technical team while developing their own membrane switches.


Our design team has also developed ways to make your products more aesthetically pleasing, giving them a certain luxurious touch. Our membranes have been put to the test for many years in various markets and environments. We offer a product that has been studied, tested and mastered. It is quite simply one of our specialties!
Material: Polycarbonate and polyester. Complete range of LEXAN products.
Finish: Gloss, Velvet, Polish, etc.
High-precision embossing for buttons and such.
Die Cutting ± 0.008’’ precision.
High-resolution printing: 100 LPI, 150 LPI for the buttons.
Transparent or tinted (smoky) windows.
Complete range of 3M adhesives; can be applied in specific areas, to stay clear of buttons and windows.